XC Schooling through the water splash!

Thanks to Sarah Robinson for taking and submitting some pictures taken at the XC Schooling at Wivelsden Farm back in August. Looks to have been a lot of fun for all concerned! Click here to see them.

Mini Camp 2011

Here are some pictures from Mini Camp. I have now added a lot of new pictures taken by Sarah Bane (Gill’s friend).

I must say the fancy dress was very good this year!

Click here to see them!


Junior Camp 2011

Here are a few pictures from Junior Camp. I hope to have a few more to add to the collection in due course.

I also hope you enjoy the picture of Captain Baxter passing by; something of a rarity even by Bluebell standards!!

Click here to see them!


Senior Camp 2011

Sorry to keep everybody waiting for Senior Camp pictures! After camp I was away for a week and so its taken a while to catch up and find the time to go through all the pictures and update the website. All the pictures are now posted. My thanks go to Anthony, Jake, Robin and other . . . → Read More: Senior Camp 2011

More Le Trec at Town Place

John asked me to take

Le Trec at Town Place

I managed to take a few photographs early on but unfortunately I had very limited time available.